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Galactic Loot!


Holding a Galactic Punk brings with it so many benefits and surprises. Today, as GP holders you were airdropped 1 GPLOOT token. This token is only valid for 1 week which lets you claim a $20 coupon for the newly launched Galactic Punk merch collection on 

Galactic Punk’s came to us with this awesome idea to airdrop merch! Redeem.Market was born out of that. This is the MVP launch. The GP team wanted this tool for the community and other projects to use. We will continue upgrading it. The next version will have wallet connect and a lot of other features. Big thanks to the GP team for the idea and the push to make this a reality!

Snapshot was taken @ 6:40pm pst Oct 28

How to claim?

1: Go to

Add this token address: terra19wnw6rvsv5mmgnphykndk4udrc9nmajj4qrukj

2: Go to and enter your email.

3: Send your GPLOOT to: terra1458mkmpnekhzg77rtt0aq0kut99n5880qsx8vf

with the memo provided (YOU MUST include this memo!) 

Check your Email for your LunaLoot Coupon and enter that at checkout.

Thanks and enjoy the Loot!

Another reminder that these tokens are only valid for 1 week!